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Z-Type Game To Shoot Review:

Free download Z-Type Game To Shoot (Latest) For Android & Windows. A shooting game that has gameplay and also a unique way of playing is a Z-type Game. You’ll find something very different about this Ztype game from any shooter game you’ve ever played before. It seems that this game is very simple when viewed from the appearance and also the gameplay of the application. However, this game requires special skills from its users to win the game.

You can see the progress of the score you get from time to time because Ztype Game will provide its graphic results transparently to its users. This game will test your ability to type words on the keyboard because that is the key to this game. Maybe you are still confused about this Ztype Game. If you already know about the game then you will find the excitement of playing the game. No need to linger, let’s just discuss the Ztype Game Apk 2023.

Unique Gameplay Explanation From Ztype Game Apk

There is a game that looks very simple from the front both in terms of the appearance of the application and also the others. You could say the game Ztype Game is similar to games that liked to be on old cellphones if you know.

The name of the game that the admin of imodapps.com will discuss this time is Ztype Type To Shoot. Games with this shooter genre can be the best choice for those of you who are bored and need game entertainment that doesn’t make you sleepy.

It’s different from other shooter game genres where you usually have to shoot balls or even have enemy characters to beat. This game is just against the ‘word’ only. Maybe you will wonder? Why are we going to fight the ‘word’?

This is what makes the gameplay of this game very unique, but it represents the name of the game, namely Ztype. The gameplay of this application is very simple, that is, the application will provide one tool used in the game.

Where if you want the tool to work, you have to type the words that appear on the screen. Your ability to write these words is very important.

Because the shooter tool will remove every letter you type. Word by word will continue to move toward your tool and you can’t run anywhere.

If one or more words hit your shooting equipment, the game will end. This game is very exciting as well as challenging because it looks easy, but it’s not that easy.

And it is also suitable for filling saturated time because the longer the number of words that come out, the longer it will be. Generally, the words that appear are in English, my friends.

You don’t need to interpret it because your job is to spend all these words with the tools that have been provided.

Devices That Support Ztype Applications                             

Seeing the gameplay of this Ztype game, you might doubt whether the device you are using can play the game. This Ztype Game can be played by all devices, both PCs, tablets, and smartphones with touch screen screens.

As long as your device has a keyboard that you can type on and your screen is still safe. So you can still play this game with different challenges.

For people who often type typos, maybe it’s a little difficult to play this game. Because your typing tempo has to be very fast considering the words that appear quite a lot and move quickly towards the tools we use.

Regarding cellphone systems that can download this application, users can download it via iOS or Android. This one game is officially available in the respective application stores.

That means iOS users can search for Zytpe games through the App Store and for Android users, it’s on Google Play. You don’t need to be afraid of the security of this application because it is definitely safe.

Or this game can also be enjoyed without having to download the application because you can access it through the website.

Ztype Game Official Site Link

Ztype Game is available in the form of a website so that users can only play the game through the site on Google. If you want to do a trial before downloading the application.

So you can first search for the official site from Ztype to do a game trial because it looks the same. Likewise, the gameplay of games on the website and the application is no different.

So that once you run smoothly in the trial stage via the website, the application will also run smoother. The difference may only lie in the additional account login feature.

If on the website you can’t create an account your travel history playing the game might be lost. You can access this website from Ztype anywhere and the recommended method is just Google or something like that.

To make it even easier, just use the official Zytpe game website link via the following website address https://zty.pe/. If want to try to find the game. Just use the link above so you don’t get lost on other links.

Download the link for the latest version of the 2023 Ztype game on Android & iOS

As already said, the Zytpe Game application is supported by all devices including Android and iOS. You can directly download this application if you want to play it in apk form.

If not, you can use the website and search through the respective search engines. Users can find this game officially through the application download platform on their respective systems.

All you have to do is type the keyword Zytype Game, an application will appear that can be installed immediately. This application is safe to download and of course, the system will recognize it so it doesn’t need installation permission anymore.

Interested in trying this game? You can use this game as a finger-training tool so you don’t make typos when typing.

File Info

  • Application Name: Ztype Game Apk Mod
  • Version: v1.1.0
  • File Size: 13.60 MB
  • Required: Compatible with iOS 14.0 / Android 7.0 (Or higher)
  • Price: Free
  • Published: imodapps.com

Guide to the Features in Ztype Type To Shoot

There are still many users who are unfamiliar with the appearance of Z-type Games so they are confused about its features in it. To complete the information in this article, we will also provide a guide on using each feature on Zytpe.

If you play this game, you won’t see many features or tools available there. The in-game menu is only available at the start and the rest is just command tools.

Simple, but confusing seems to be the word that represents this game to new users. So that no one feels gray with the game anymore. You can listen to a more detailed explanation below.

Create Your Own Text

As we explained above, in this game what you have to beat and finish is every word that appears while playing. Is there any chance we can modify the word?

The answer is yes because there is a menu called “Load your own text” where you can make your own words in the application. So, later when playing, what will appear are the words that you have made.

This can be an easy way for you to simulate because you will use up the words you have created so that you have an idea of what to type.

The words that will appear are not immediately a lot but a little bit but will continue to level up.

Adjust Music Volume

There is a settings menu available in this Ztype Game and its use is only to adjust the sound of the shooter and also the music or background of the game.

You can adjust which one is louder and which one is lower and adjust it according to comfort.

View Game Total Scores

While playing the Ztype Game game, you will get a score where the application will show a graph of the results of your game. You can see if your chart is going up or down.

If you log in using an account, the graph will be saved even if you exit the application. So you can know where your skills are because the higher the level the more and longer the words that will come out.

That means your speed in typing letter by letter must be faster too.

How to Play Z-Type Games on PC or HP

What you should not miss from this discussion is how to play the Ztype Game game. You may still be confused about how to actually play this game and what to do.

We will explain here how to finish this game just by typing words. Please read the complete tutorial below.

  1. First, you can visit the official website of Ztype Game or its application.
  2. If you have entered the application, then you can immediately start the game.
  3. You can start the game by pressing the “New Game” menu.
  4. Then you will immediately enter the game and start playing.

Continue by typing the words that appear in the game to continue the game and make sure no words hit your shooter.

You will feel the excitement and also the challenge when playing this game because in this game the speed of your fingers in typing word by word is needed.

Tips to Continue to the Next Level in Game Ztype

Many feel overwhelmed when playing this game, especially when they are met with long words. This application is more comfortable to play if you use a laptop because the keyboard is more comfortable to use for typing.

If you are on a cellphone, you are afraid that you will be in a hurry and end up wrong in typing every word that is there. There are some tips that you can convey to yourself so that you can continue playing this game until it’s finished.

While playing, really pay attention to the words that appear because they come together and close together. You have to type one whole word before you can move to the next word.

This cannot be thought about for a long time because the movement of the word is very fast to approach the tool you are using. If you always manage to finish every word in each level, then you will continue to advance to the next level.

That’s the explanation about Ztype Game and you can find other interesting games at imodapps.com.

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