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Free Download Yuri Patcher APK (Latest Version) v8 For Android. These ML heroes – avatars – characters possess unique abilities and powers to compete on the battlefield. Fortunately, we can enhance the performance of a particular character by customizing it with game items. ML skins are the most important thing in this regard. Since this factor is attainable after mass payment of prices.

You can also take a shortcut. For this, Yuri Patcher APKis an Android app that injects hundreds of premium skins into MLBB Free, as well as various other components. Yuri Pitcher Injector Yuri Pitcher not only handles MLBB Cascoil skins but also custom skins by hand. Other things include butt out, drone view, analog, recall, background, bug fixer, etc.

Easy To Use

In fact, this list of ML items is free & easy to use. And you don’t have to spend or pay enough for a diamond. Still, it is immoral because MLBB officials do not allow us to be deceived. Still, ML fans demand such editing tools, and as such, we only tell them about these gaming-free ones. This is a blessing for the unhappy party.

Many features of Yuri Patcher

All Skins

This injector app lets you download costumes/outfits while playing the game. In this way, you show others that you are a little different because of the amazing looks.


81+ skins for Chow, Aldous, Guinevere, Badang, Xburg, Elocard, Zelong, Dirout, Johid, Sullivan. Thamuz, Lemord, Argus, Sun, Freya, Martis, Lapo-Lapo, Terezla, Mash, Pakito and Yu Zhong.


59+ skins for Franco, Johnson, Kofra, Uranus, Grok, Akai, Helus, Atlas, Hilda, Gitotka, Manator, Buxia, Lolita, Balmond, Tigris and Barats.


Dozens of costumes are also available for this role.

Battle Emote

Also, 15+ emoticons are useful that fighters can use to communicate with their comrades during battle.

Password Required

The developer of this application (Yuri Playz APK v8) has devised a passcode for this app. And you have to remember that whenever you open a fraudulent tool in MLBB. So, here it is. Use the code below to sign in to the app.

Password = salamat

File Info

  1. Name File: Yuri Patcher Injector
  2. Latest Version: v8
  3. UPLOADED: Jan 6, 2023
  4. UPDATED: Jan 6, 2023
  5. CATEGORY: Apps, Games
  6. REQUIRES OS: 5.0 +
  7. DEVELOPER: Yuri Playz
  8. FILE SIZE: 8 MBs
  9. PRICE: Free

Final Word

The latest and updated Injector Yuri Patcher apps give you all these 07 groups of ML for free. You can see that this is a huge list that is more than enough for your victory. After all, it’s a simple UI-free ad tool. Every ML fan can use this to their advantage. This not only increases your skill and interest in the game but also ensures your victory over the supporting players.

Download Free Link

Yuri Patcher v2.4 =====> Free Download (16.2 MBs)

Additional Details

April 2, 2024
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