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Download Free WhatsApp v2.23.1.11 (Latest Version) For Windows. The sharing WhatsApp v2.23.1.11 (64 Bit) is 100% updated for PC Windows. The most useful app for top messaging is called WhatsApp. All our world peoples use this application for text or voice messages. It looks like the app has eaten up smaller messaging apps.

The number of users using this platform is growing rapidly. According to a trusted source, which has crossed 1.5 billion users. So, you can expect the popularity of this application. People are using this application as an in-built app on their phones, not a third-party application.

I assume you also use this mind-blowing application on your smartphone. But the question is can we use it on our computer? Although a separate desktop version of this application is available for running on computers and laptops. The application will use mobile phones to verify authenticity. To run this application on your computer, you need to scan the QR code on your desktop.

So, if you want to get the WhatsApp app for your PC, you can install it from your downloaded link on your computer. But again, you have to scan the QR code using your mobile phone. ۔ Now, the question is, are the features of the desktop version of WhatsApp the same or not? The features are almost identical, and you can read about them in the features that WhatsApp for PC has to offer. And now you read how to use it on your computer.

Uses Of WhatsApp on PC?

 However, we’ve found that some of the most popular blogs have learned lessons about using applications and emulators or simulated environments on PCs. However, we will not follow this procedure. Instead, we’ll go with the shortest and safest way to get the right use of the best messaging applications officially, and worldwide. You should remember that if the injection camera in your phone is low quality, or cannot scan the QR code effectively, you will not be using the application on your computer.

The first and most important thing you need to do to use it on a PC is you have to scan the QR code. So, we start from the beginning. Download WhatsApp for PC from the given download link, we have presented you with the latest version of the WhatsApp desktop version. Install it on your computer, and you know how to install it. You don’t have to download or install an emulator like BlueStack or others, follow me. Now, launch it on your computer.

WhatsApp on PC Windows:

1:- And you’ll be prompted for a QR code on the screen that says “Scan QR code to use WhatsApp on your computer.”

2:- You go to your WhatsApp home screen and tap on the menu bar

And here you see the WhatsApp web

3:- Tap it, and your camera will start scanning.

4:- Scan the QR code on your desktop and at the moment of the scan, you will see WhatsApp open on your desktop computer.

 5:- You can see people included on your desktop, chats, messages, calls, and everything.

You can also go to groups for chat, send files to anyone, record voice, and have every feature you use to get on your phone. So, use it and now you can have WhatsApp features for PC.

WhatsApp Features of the Web:

WhatsApp v2.22.12.14 integrates the web version of the same application with dozens of features. This is very surprising though without this mobile phone or phone number this application is of no use. If your mobile phone is running App, you will only have access to the WhatsApp web version. Otherwise, you’re ready to go out.

1:-You can chat, send SMS, video calls, and more with anyone

2:- Can record voice messages, go to video calls

3:- Can send media files, and documents that you use to send to your Android phone.

4:- You can capture photos or videos directly and send them to anyone in the group or in private conversations.

5:- You will find a simple window to get the right use of the application

6:- One of the benefits you get in the web version is that it is not yet integrated with ads, and you can enjoy this unusual use without ads.

At last, if you need to use these apps v2.23.1.11 (64 Bit) on your PC or laptop, click the link button to download the WhatsApp apps for the Web and start searching for these other tools.

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