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WhatsApp Blast Pro Apk Review:

Download WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod Apk (Latest) v1.0.3 Free For Android. If you are a businessman, you are required to always maintain relationships with customers or clients of your business. Well, one way to take care of it is to broadcast promos. And updates on the products or services that you offer.

Currently, there is the term WA Blast which can help you send broadcasts to thousands of numbers at once. WA Blast itself refers to a way for users to send messages or broadcast to multiple numbers in one go. Of course, business owners or companies like this feature very much. Because they don’t have to bother sending messages about products to customers one by one.

Get to know WA Blast or WhatsApp Blast

WA Blast is a feature of the WhatsApp Business API application. That provides the function of sending mass messages or broadcasts to many people. At once without the need to save the cellphone numbers of these people in your WA contacts. And there is no need to send them one by one. Where, as you know, WhatsApp normally requires you to save the contact. First to be able to send messages to the number you saved. It could be that now you are used to it. And don’t care about things like this and tend to ignore them.

Maybe things like this don’t matter to us, ordinary WhatsApp users. But for business people who need to send mass messages or broadcast. It becomes impossible for them to save contacts one by one. There the number can reach hundreds or even thousands of contacts. With so many people or contacts they have to send messages to, they need special features. That can help these business people to be able to solve problems like this. Therefore WhatsApp Business answered by providing the WA Blast feature as a solution.

With WA Blast, if you are a businessman. It will be easy for you if you want to share attractive promos or updates about the business. You are running to share with the thousands of clients and prospective clients that you have. With this feature, you can also easily reach more people to get to know your business. You also need to know that the WA Blast feature has many terms or names. Some call it WA Blasting, WA Blaster, and also WA Bulk Sender. However, in essence, this feature has the same function, namely to make it easier for you to send messages. In large quantities without the need to save the number.

Features of WA Blast

As we explained above, the WA Blast feature has a function. So you can send messages to many people without the need to save the numbers or contacts of these people. When compared to the usual WhatsApp which has limitations when it comes to sending mass messages. WA Blast is very suitable for use.

So that way you can get a lot of benefits from WA Blast. If you are a businessman who wants to reach a wider range of customers. If you want to know what privileges you can get, you should see the review below.

1. Save Time

If you use the WA Blast feature, you can save time when you want to promote it to many people. The reason is that you no longer need to spend time. Saving contacts one by one and sending them messages one by one as well. Try to imagine if you are busy with your business. And you have to do a promotion by sending your clients your new product.

Then you need a lot of time and have to be willing to work overtime just for this. Because it can cut a lot of time, WA Blast is highly sought after by business people where they can save their time and energy for other things related to their business. For those of you who are businessmen, we recommend using WA Blast as well.

2. Reach More New Customers

With the advantage of being able to send mass messages, it is very easy for you to reach many new customers who later maybe they will become regular customers of your business. You only need to broadcast as often as possible about the latest promos for your business. So, in this case, you can send promos or introduce your business to people who may not know about your business so that they become acquainted and might be interested in the products or services you offer. Make attractive promos so that your potential customers are interested.

Make sentences that are interesting and seem familiar so that potential customers who read your messages become more interested and curious about the products and services you offer. WA Blast is also very important if you want to reach more customers throughout Indonesia. You can also customize the message that you will send via WA Blast like your heart where you can add various photos of products and services, and you can also add promotional prices that may be cheaper than competitors so that potential customers are even more interested in your business.

3. Increase Sales or Revenue

By offering products or services via WA Blast to many people, even thousands, you have the opportunity to earn more income. Imagine if you sent a message to thousands of people, surely 10% of these people will buy or use the services you offer. That way, the income from your business will be boosted when compared to waiting for customers to buy products or use your services without doing any promotion at all. It’s the same as advertising a product, so you might get a lot of customers, but advertising a product through a second party requires additional costs as well.

You can increase your income by sending continuous messages every two days. We recommend sending promotional messages only once every two days so that your customers don’t feel disturbed by the messages you send. Many people have implemented this method and proven it directly, and they say that they get much more income or income if they use promotions via WA Blast which can reach more people.

4. Save Promotional Costs

As you know, using WhatsApp is free, using WA Blast is also free and you don’t have to pay any fees. Therefore, by doing promotions with WA Blast, it can cut costs from promotions that companies or owners have to spend. When compared to doing promotions via the internet, newspapers, magazines, or TV advertisements, you need to spend money that is not playing big. You have to spend as much as 400 thousand to millions of rupiah just to advertise the product or service that you have.

Which way also doesn’t necessarily have a positive impact on the business you’re running, because the ads or promos that you put up by giving up some money only last for 24 hours. So promoting via WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod is the right choice. You can send promotional messages and reach thousands of customers and you can do it every day or whenever you want for free without having to spend a lot of money. Where at this time we are indeed required to be efficient in using and managing the finances of the business that is being carried out.

File Info

  • App Name: WhatsApp Blast Pro
  • Version: v1.0.3
  • File Size: 16.02 MB
  • Required: Android 5.0+
  • Website: imodapps.com
  • Price: Free

How to WA Blast or Blast WhatsApp to Thousands of Numbers

So if you already know what WA Blast is and its functions and features, then the next step is to find out how to Blast WA or broadcast to thousands of numbers at once in one send. For that, see the step-by-step below.

1. Use a Verified WhatsApp API Account

Before you can send messages to many people at once, the first step you have to take is to make sure that your WhatsApp account has been verified as the WhatsApp Business API. The word API itself means Application Programming Interface, where later WhatsApp can be connected to the company’s program or software. If you feel that your WhatsApp has not been verified, then you can verify your WhatsApp account for free via Mekari Qontak, of course by following the steps we have prepared below.

  • First, you have to set up the “WhatsApp Number” that you want to use.
  • First register the number with WhatsApp “Authorized Partners”, for example, “Mekari Qontak”.
  • Now you also have to prepare “Supporting Documents” which will be requested by Mekari Qontak.
  • Next, you have to “Verify Facebook Business Manager” which will also be assisted by the Mekari Qontak team.
  • Until here you just need to wait for the process to finish,
  • If it’s successful, you can already send “Broadcast” to many people.

So here we assume your WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod account has been successfully verified, if it still hasn’t passed verification then you can repeat the steps above so that your WhatsApp account is verified and can proceed to the next step below.

2. Enter the Broadcast Recipient’s

Now, the next step is to enter a list of contacts who will receive your business promotion messages. Unlike the usual WhatsApp which retrieves contacts from mobile devices, with WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod you can send Excel or CSV files containing your saved contacts. If you don’t have the contact list yet, you can input it into the Excel file manually. If you feel this method is quite time-consuming, then you can use a contact number purchase service.

Where you don’t have to bother typing one by one. If you feel that entering contacts one by one is the same as normal WhatsApp then you are wrong, here you only need to enter contacts into an Excel file and don’t have to save these contacts to the device you have. If you already have a customer contact list in the form of an Excel file, the way to enter that list into WA Blast is as follows. Read carefully step by step.

  • First, you enter the “Mekari Qontak” site.
  • Select the “Broadcast” menu then you can click the “List” option.
  • To be able to enter the “Excel File” that you have created, you can click “Create New List” and then you can click “Upload Custom Contact”.
  • You can place or “upload” the Excel file that you have and proceed by clicking “Save”.
  • Next, if the file is successfully uploaded, a “Pop Up Notification” will appear.

3. Custom Your WA Blast Message Template

The next step is that you have to make settings or template settings for the broadcast messages that you will share. Here you can set interesting sentences that you will share and add other supporting files such as pictures or videos. It is better for you to arrange the words that you will share with your subscribers, also note that you will not send inappropriate words or sentences.

Because if so, your message will not be sent successfully. You also need to know that if you want to share a broadcast message with thousands of people, you must immediately send the message if you have finished doing the custom template because the message you are sending must be verified and pass the violation which will be checked by the party WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod.

4. Send WhatsApp Messages or WA Blast

If you have successfully carried out the three steps above. Then you can immediately send the message that you created earlier to the people in your Excel file contact list. Here you only need to press the “Submit” option to send these messages. Because the number of contacts who will receive messages is very large. You need to wait a while until all of these contacts receive the promotional messages from your business that you created earlier.

Questions About WA Blast

If you look at the advantages and benefits of WA Blast. There will definitely be many questions about WA Blast that you want to know the answers to. Now, these questions include the following.

1. How Many Contacts Can Send Messages?

If on normal WhatsApp you can only send mass messages to other people with a maximum of 256 contacts. Then with WA Blast, you can send up to thousands of aliases without limits. So your business can be reached by many people.

2. Is WA Blast Paid?

If you use WA Blast to send messages. You can get free access to the first 1,000 messages every month. And if you have exceeded this limit, you will be charged 275 silver for one message you send.

3. Is there a Completely Free WA Blast?

The answer to this question is yes, but we don’t recommend using it. Because most free WA Blasts are not affiliated with WhatsApp, it is likely that your WhatsApp number will be blocked.

4. Is it Safe to Do Promotional Spam with WA Blast?

You should not do this because WhatsApp Blast Pro Mod will freeze your WhatsApp number. If you do excessive promotional spam too then your customers will feel uncomfortable with what you are doing. Now that’s everything we know about WA Blast information. You can use this feature to grow your business and need to remember. That WA Blast also has restrictions or rules that you need to comply with. So that your WhatsApp number is safe and your business can still reach customers.

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