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Vivo ADB Format Tool Review:

Vivo ADB Format Tool (Latest Version) Free Download This is Windows software that allows you to remove passwords, unlock FRP locks, unlock patterns and unlock your VSO devices a lot. We know we can unlock all our smartphones with an unlock tool so this ADB format is one of them. If you went to unlock your Vivo device. You can try this tool to unlock your Vivo device. It doesn’t matter what your Vivo model is because this device works on all Vivo devices and is a 100% trial tool.

You can unlock your Vivo smartphone passwords by resetting them to factory mode. If your Vivo mobile phone is locked for any reason, then when your mobile asks you to tap your pattern, PIN, or password. It means that you have unlocked the device. Can’t unlock mobile without If you encounter this problem then download and install the Vivo Adb Format tool on your computer to unlock your device.

In a short time, you will not be able to unlock your Vivo smartphone due to the mid-range of its technology and the need to unlock the Vivo device. So here we introduce the Vivo ADB format tool. Using this tool you can reset your device very easily and in a short time, it will also work perfectly for FRP bypass from your Vivo smartphones. So this is the best opportunity for our Vivo users to use it. Tools

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How to use Vivo Adobe Format Tool?

  • First, you need to install Vivo USB drivers on your Windows. You can download “MT Drivers”. These drivers need to communicate with the PC on your Vivo mobile.
  • Turn off your device towards your unlocking process.
  • Press the Power + Volume Up button on your mobile.
  • You can see two different options on your mobile screen – Recover and Reboot. Use the volume keys to select the “Recover” option and press the power button to select it.
  • Once this is done, click on the Advanced option and select the “Run again with ADB” option.
  • USB Help via USB cable to connect your device to your computer and then, turn on your device. (If your device is not properly connected and the drivers are not installed correctly, you will see COMPort on your computer under the Device Manager section)
  • Now, extract and open the Vivo ADB format tool on your computer.
  • Once the tool is open, enter the same port number that appears in your computer’s Device Manager.
  • Finally, click the “BTN2” button to ignore the FRP lock on Vivo smartphones.
  • Once the “Finish” message appears, it means that the FRP and pattern lock from your Vivo smartphone has been successfully removed.
  • Note that your device will automatically boot and format the data.
  • Done

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March 11, 2024