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Pubiwayliker (v9.4) Tool Latest  Version Free Download For Android. Who else doesn’t want to be famous on their social media account? Once upon a time, there was a tendency to follow only celebrities, but with the development of social media applications, even an ordinary person can get 1000 likes and a fan following.

Pubiwayliker (v9.4) helps ordinary people like us to auto-expand their social media account so quickly. Because it is difficult for an ordinary person to get many likes and comments on his social media account and posts. This application is designed to increase the number of likes. And comments on your Facebook posts within one second.

Features Of Tools

Auto liker

This application will automatically generate likes on your Facebook account. As mentioned, it is designed to increase the speed of any ordinary person’s account. So that the number of likes on your post increases. You should try this application once.

Auto Comments

As we know it is not only the likes that support the development of any social media account but also the number of comments that is important for the growth of any account. This application will not only generate auto-likes on your accounts but also generate comments on your posts.

Grow Account

Works on every social media algorithm on your phone. This account has a lot of likes and comments that are always suggested to others. So by creating a large number of likes and comments, this application will suggest to many organic users in your account that it will be like this, it seems that your account has organic likes and comments.

Pubiwayliker v9.4 Tool (Latest 2022) Free Download For Android


Although the likes and comments generated by these applications are not organic. The application is still spam-free. It will never ask you for personal information other than the information you need. Likes and comments generated by this application will never cause a glitch in your Facebook account.


If you are wondering how this application works let us tell you how to use this application quickly, all you have to do is register your Facebook account through this application. It will generate hundreds of likes with one click and comments for your account will be added directly to your real Facebook account. Once you have done the work of creating Auto Likes, you check your original Facebook application directly and in a few days, you will see an increase in your Facebook account.


This Pubiwayliker application is very clean and easy to use. Its interface is understandable even on first use. New users will never find it difficult to use.


Although this application is easy to use and creating auto likes on Facebook is quite popular, but one thing to keep in mind is not to open this application again and again so that you can create auto likes in your account.

Because Facebook’s AI is very intelligent and it will catch you to create auto-likes and may block your account, so open this application to your liking but with the right amount of time. In addition, there will be no privacy issues with this request.

File Info

  • File Name: Pubiwayliker
  • Version:  v9.4
  • Updated: One day ago
  • File Size: 1.47 MB
  • Requires:  Android 4.0 and above
  • Price:  Free of cost
  • Published:

End Words

In this fierce competition for a growing Facebook account, though, it’s hard to get organic likes and comments on a social media account. So in the face of this fierce competition, Publikker still hopes to gain the desired likes and Facebook account.

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June 19, 2024
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