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Free Download The latest PhoenixCard v4.2.4 Tool (Latest) All versions XP, OS, and all Windows include Windows 11 (32/64 Bits). The latest tool allows you to create a bootable image of Android firmware (.img) on an SD Card or Micro Card. PhoenixCard is software that lets you burn Android Allwinner firmware to Micro SD cards. Sharing PhoenixCard is software that lets you burn Android firmware to Micro SD cards.

The latest Phoenixcard Tool is a Windows-based software. Designed to create usable images and write them on removable drives. Such as SDCARDs or MicroSD. The removable drive is mounted on the specified device. And the device is booted from the removable drive, using an update or target completion. It is mainly used for Allwinner A10 ARM processors. Download the latest version of PhoenixCard v4.2.4 from this website. Create an SD card input.

How To Download PhoenixCard Tool’s Latest Version?


  1. Download and open Phoenixcard zippers in a folder on your PC.
  2. Extract one zip (image) .img from the downloaded image to a folder accessible on your Windows system.
  3. Get a small SD card of at least 1GB in size and connect it to your PC in some way. It should be available under Windows Drive.
  4. Browse to the folder where you opened Phoenixcard and find the PhoenixCard.exe file with the green folder icon next to it. Double-click to get started. Phoenix software will be introduced.
  5. Using the drop-down right Disk select the Windows drive letter containing your Micro SD card.
  6. Click the image button and browse to the download (image name) .img, then select the file.
  7. Make sure the product is selected in underwrite mode. Product mode will create a Micro SD booting designed to insert a different image into the device.
  8. Click on Burn. Pay attention to status messages. When done you can remove Micro SD from your Windows system.
PhoenixCard v4.2.4 Tool (2021) All Versions

Tool Latest Versions

The latest Version PhoenixCard Tool is suitable for all versions of XP, OS, and all Windows including Windows 11 (32/64 Bits). So, Guys in case you were looking for the latest version of PhoenixCard1. Then use the below links to get it on the computer. The latest free links are below here,

PhoenixCard Tool =====> Free Download (Latest Version 2022)

Old Versions

V3.1.0 20130618 =====> Free Download

Download Free =====> v3.0.9 20130312

Free Download =====> v3.0.9 20121211

V3.0.6 20110817 =====> Download Free

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