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Start now free download MD WhatsApp v2 (Latest Version) For Android. The MD WhatsApp calls this mode the best and most powerful MD WhatsApp. He is very trustworthy and shares everything on his YouTube channel. Also, this is not the last option for you. In fact, supporting strokes are considered masterstrokes, except for the normal mode features. That is why very few MODs are reliable and of high quality. One of the latest WhatsApp modes is MD WhatsApp and it offers a number of required features that are not offered by the official application.

For example, anti-ban, chat, voice changer, auto-reply, anti-virus, and many more comfort groups, themes, etc. Now if you are thinking of a modified version of this great app, give it a try first. It is not only new in the market but also meets modern standards. In general, such practices are banned due to their illegal and security concerns. There are other mods, such as DJ WhatsApp, etc. You know guys all modes look the same. because they all offer the same modified features except for a few.

MODs, on the other hand, have no official link to their original version of apps/tools. Instead, some crazy Android app developers modify popular apps to surprise users. Now, it’s up to the audience to decide whether to use it positively or negatively. Remember, we never urge our readers to engage in any harmful activity through such reviews. But you can take advantage of some of these pleasures by looking for ways.

How To Download MD Whatsapp?

Features Of MD WhatsApp

  1. Added option to change your name and status or your WhatsApp number.
  2. Ability to add more than 256 to 1025 to the broadcast list.
  3. Search Participants.
  4. Enable Group Administration.
  5. Group settings enabled (by the server).
  6. 7 new conversation bubbles were added.
  7. 4 new ticks were added.
  8. Added 16 new notification bar icons.
  9. 5 added new launcher icons.
  10. Hindi (Indian language) added.
  11. Open hidden chat from the phone.
  12. Open a fixed hidden chat from the dialer.
  13. Fixed hidden message displayed in the widget.
  14. Fixed open hidden chat from W widget.
  15. Fixed being able to make hidden chat calls from a group.
  16. The fixed show has a hidden chat when trying to share with a gallery or file manager.
  17. Fixed app opening from widget even when ked is locked.
  18. Fixed crashes on some devices.
  19. And much more.

Final Words

At last, you know editing the MD WhatsApp version is pretty fun. It breaks all the usual barriers to your official edition. Indeed, it pleases many consumers. So, do you want to enjoy all these extra features on WhatsApp? Then, get WhatsApp for free here. And surprise your peers with funny things. There is no charge for its services.

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September 24, 2023
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