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Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Review:

Free download Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money With Key) -2023. The game that carries a unique concept and is also very relevant to women and it is mandatory for you to find out more is Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk. This could be the first time you’ve heard about the Keras Guys Mod Apk application. The Keras Guys Code Apk is an offline game that has its own characteristics. Instead of carrying the theme of adventure, battle, and others. Precisely this game tells the story of a teenage romance relationship. The storyline of this game Kode Keras Guys Mod Apk is quite good and you might be curious.

Hard Boy Code Mod Apk

For those of you who are curious about the contents of the Hard Boy Code Mod Apk game and how to play the game. Maybe you can immediately refer to the explanation from imodapps.com. Don’t miss any explanation because from this discussion the admin will tell you more about the game Kode Keras Guys Mod Apk and the fun that is in it. Want a different experience when playing a game? You must read the information about the game Kode Keras Guys Mod Apk. The theme of this game is really unique because it is similar to a novel.

Available Several Options

The concept of this game is to have sections in which there is a separate storyline. The main character of this game is a man who is a time traveler. You can visit various places according to the part of the story provided there. Each part of the game will be opened with a narrative and will later be filled with dialogue. Then what are the tasks or what you have to do in this Boy Hard Code game? All you have to do is complete the dialog with several available options.

Girl In Action

In each part, a title or theme has been determined and it will start with a narration. The character you play will meet a woman and that’s where the conversation starts. In some parts of the dialogue. There are things you have to complete. To answer the question or dialogue, you are assisted by 3 alternative answer choices. You have to be smart in choosing that answer because your next fate depends on the answer you choose.

Every decision you make in the game while completing a dialogue will carry over to the next game or dialogue. Your mission is to beat the girls in the section. This Guy’s Loud Code has a unique storyline and carries a fresh concept because the story is about teenagers. The game is divided into different episodes and they all work the same way. The main point of this story is that you are an insensitive guy who happens to have the ability to time travel. You can go back to an older episode to improve your answer.

Gameplay for Hard Coded Guys’ Latest Mod Apk

How are you guys? The storyline of the game Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk is very interesting, isn’t it? When else can you play games like reading novels and the storyline isn’t boring either?

You can become the main character in the game and take part in everything that happens. Many players are stuck when answering questions to complete dialogue in the game.

As a result, your mission to start courting the woman you’re after has failed. Oh yes, this game is perfect for boys who are still single and want to know how to approach women.

As we know that a woman’s desire is unpredictable and there are many codes that we may not be able to interpret. Maybe by playing this game, you can know when the woman you approach gives a code, and what should you do.

This game is very interesting and also entertaining so it never hurts to try it too. Before that, we will explain some of the rules of the game that you should understand.

This is a secret code that you must understand in order to win in playing the Hard Boy Code Apk 2023 game. If you don’t know the rules of the game, then you yourself will feel confused. There are no right or wrong answer choices available to complete the dialogue.

However, every decision you choose will affect the answer of the female lead and will greatly determine the success of your mission.

So, read carefully the rules of this game that you should know because you won’t get this kind of information if it’s not at imodapps.com.

Rule of Always Right Woman

The first rule is A woman is always right. One of the clues to completing the dialogue in this game is that you have to apply the concept that women are always right.

This also happens in the real world right? It’s just that in this game the story is packaged in an interesting way. And it looks like the appearance of this game is similar to anime.

Rules Friends Problems Are Your Problems

Rule Two: Your friend’s problems are your problems. Every episode in the game will feature a lot of new characters. You will also face conflicts that come from anywhere, including friends.

When the PDKT action is in full swing, a friend’s problem may occur and you need to remember that your friend’s problem is your problem too.

Link Download Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk Without Ads

The modified version of this visual novel game is not yet available on the Google Play Store, so for now you cannot download it through that platform. However, if you want to try the adrenaline of playing with the original version.

Then you can directly download it on the official platform and search using the keyword “Game Hard Code Guys”. And you will immediately find the application then please just download it.

If you want to test your patience and sensitivity as a man. So please just play the original version. When playing this game, your adrenaline will be tested and this is more difficult than the battle royale game that you may often play.

At the same time, this game will give a sense of curiosity about the continuation of the story in each episode. If you want to get the fast track feature for free, then download the Kode Keras Guys Mod Apk Unlimited Money version.

How to download a modified version of this application? You can use the link we provide below. Once you have clicked on the intended link, then wait a few moments for the download process to start.

If you have successfully downloaded and the file has been saved, then immediately install the application manually. The installation method is very simple because you only need installation permission from the system.

And if you have installed a mod or third-party application before, the install button will immediately appear by itself as soon as you click the file in question.

File Info

  • App: Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk
  • Version: v2.139
  • File Size: 90.5 MB
  • Required: Android 5.0 or above compatible
  • Website: imodapps.com

Features of Kode Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk

We have explained at a glance information about the Hard Boy Mod Code game in the previous discussion. If you are still curious about the contents of the features of this game how.

So you should carefully look at the explanation below so that you are not confused about how each feature works. The concept of this game is unique, right? Combining novels and games into one to create a visual novel game.

Playing this game will not be felt because the activity is similar to reading an ordinary novel. It’s just different here you act as the main character. Without dialogue from you, the novel will not continue its story.

And every choice of answer you take will produce a different ending and determine whether you succeed in conquering the mission or not.

No Ads

You can play this Hard Boy Code game offline and it has also been designed to have no ads in it. One of the advantages of modifying the APK is removing the advertisements in the application.

You can play this game in peace and all the episodes can be opened even if you are not connected to an internet network.

This feature will automatically appear in your application and you will definitely not see any advertisements in the game.

Play Online Dating Feature

It can be said that the Kode Keras Guys application can be a dating simulation platform in the form of a visual novel. This game is also not boring because each episode has its own story.

When playing this game you will be carried away where your role here is as the main character who is approaching a female character as well. Conversations or dialogues that appear also use relaxed and up-to-date language so that it doesn’t make it difficult for the players.

The background and also the story concept built by the game is very realistic. So you can use this application as a trial before approaching women in real life.

Try to play this game if you want to know how the visual or original look of the Keras Guys Apk 2023 Code.

Unlock All Items

In this game, there are several items that you can have, namely diamonds and coins. To open each episode that is there or change their characters.

You need coins to buy diamonds so they can be exchanged for available items. The convenience provided by the modified version of the Kode Keras Guys application is that the number of coins available is already very large and will not run out.

Here you can exchange these coins for lots of diamonds in the application. That way, the game will be easier to continue and you won’t experience problems with the number of coins.

If you already have lots of coins and diamonds, you can freely buy items available in the shop feature of the application.

Unlimited Money Features

Not only giving unlimited coins to users, but you will also get unlimited money from the game. This of course makes it easier for you to complete all the items that are there.

You can buy clothes for your character or other supporting things. Please don’t just feature the shop in the form of a basket icon on the main page of the game.

Then you will see what items or things can be purchased. Please choose which one you want and that way you no longer need to bother collecting coins, diamonds, or money.

Therefore, for those who are interested in getting all the experience from the modification features, don’t miss the download link and download the application right now.

Answer Key is available

In playing this guy’s hard-coded game, the most important thing is accuracy in completing each empty dialogue. The problem is that you will be given several answer choices and none of them are wrong.

You can choose all of them, but there is only one answer that will lead you to succeed in carrying out the mission in that episode. However, you don’t need to worry about this if you have downloaded the modified application.

There is an answer key feature for each episode that you can see first before working on the game. However, we recommend it if you want to really enjoy the gameplay.

So just play and answer according to your feelings because the taste and vibe will be much different than when you see the answer key. If you have given up then see the original answer of the game.

How to Play Hard Code Game Guys 2 Apk 2023

  • For new users, it might be difficult to understand this game and don’t know how to start. Here we will try to explain to you how to play the game.
  • This application does not require a login method and so on when you want to play the game. You only need to download the application once it’s in.
  • Then it will be directly on the main page to start the game from the first episode. At the very front, there are several menus listed. To start the game, you can immediately click “Start Bro”.
  • This game has several episodes that you have to complete and you have to play them one by one. Please play from the first episode to the end.
  • You can repeat the first game from the beginning because your character here has the ability of a time traveler. Or you can open future episodes using the diamonds or coins that you have.
  • There are tips that we will give readers so that they can finish this game well and win until the end.

Remember the Rules of the Game

  1. The first thing you have to do is understand the rules of the game that we have explained above. You don’t need to be confused to play this game and this game also doesn’t require you to have any special skills.
  2. If you already understand how the rules of the game, then every question that arises will be easy to answer.

Answer Questions Correctly

The end of the mission in the game is that you have to succeed in building a romantic relationship with the female characters in each episode. Every dialogue answer you choose will greatly determine how the ending of the story you will get. If it doesn’t work, then you can repeat it again until it works. The key is to think about the rules of the game and then answer them correctly.

This really tests a man’s sensitivity and you can see how complicated a woman’s desires are. Maybe you make this as a simulation if you want to approach a woman in your real life. Game Code Keras Guys 2 Mod Apk Unlimited coins and diamonds is very fun to play, you know. Come on, try downloading the application via the link from imodapps.com here.

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