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KeySticks For Windows

KeySticks For Windows Review:

KeySticks For Windows (v2.13 Latest) Free Download. With the help of the application Key Sticks v2.13, you may use your controller to interact with objects that were before impractical on a PC. It functions in a way that hides the keyboard and mouse on your gamepad, enabling you to move the mouse cursor, push keys, and carry out previously impossible operations on your computer. It’s also useful for adding controller support to a variety of titles that previously didn’t have any.

Control your PC

This application has support for both X input and direct input, making it accessible and appropriate for a wide range of controllers. The Xbox 360 and XBOX One controllers are absolutely supported by this program, but you should test it out with additional controllers to make sure it works with them as well. When the app is launched, you can choose from a variety of profiles to establish mappings and controller settings that are unique to you. Additionally, there are premium profiles that will simplify your life.

File Info

  1. Name File: KeySticks For Windows
  2. Latest version: v2.13
  3. File size: 9.5 MB
  4. License: Free
  5. Uploaded: 24, Nov 2022
  6. Published:
  7. Author: Tim Brogden
  8. Supported OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  9. MD5 checksum: 6FEEA335C16CD8AE1883794EB740069C

Final Words

Key Sticks v2.13 is an easy-to-use keyboard and mouse emulator that enables you to play games that did not previously support controllers and operate your PC using a controller. This is primarily for gamers and controller enthusiasts. And give them precedence over the keyboard and mouse. It’s simple to use and lets you make many user profiles for convenience. You can use Cystic to manage playback, navigate the web, control your PC, and even play games that wouldn’t typically accept a controller.

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February 21, 2024
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