Hola VPN Pro Mod Apk (Latest Version) Free For Android & Windows

Hola VPN Pro Mod Apk

Hola VPN Pro Mod Apk Review:

Free download Hola VPN Pro Mod Apk (Latest Version) Free For Android & Windows. VPN apps are constantly popping up in the app market. Hola VPN APK is one of the VPN apps on the rise. This application, which has the name Hola Better Internet, offers a safe, fast, and efficient internet surfing experience.

Hola VPN is supported by 3G web browsing capable of compressing HTTP up to 70%. Automatically, the internet connection will be faster and more stable. Like other VPN applications, through Hola free VPN, you can access sites that were originally blocked in your area.

Of course, this makes Hola VPN APK an excellent Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux browser. To make it more accurate, you can download it for free and without the need to root the cellphone below. For those who can’t wait, let’s check the full review.

Hola Free VPN at a Glance

Only by activating the VPN feature of this application, you can browse the internet more widely. Wide here means that you can open sites or applications, that were previously blocked in that region easily and safely.

There are several platforms that are blocked in Indonesia, among which are some of the leading platforms, namely Vimeo and Reddit. By taking advantage of the Hola VPN Premium APK feature. Here you can still connect to the platform in seconds.

This is what makes Hola VPN one of the best VPNs. Your IP address will be processed in such a way that it is protected from cyberattacks. Such as hackers, spam, or malware.

3 Tutorials Using Hola VPN APK

No need to be confused if you don’t understand how to activate a VPN service. Anyone can do it, it’s that easy to activate a VPN. The following information will also explore the steps for activating a VPN service on a laptop or computer with Windows 10 OS.

Without further ado, let’s understand a brief tutorial on how to use the Hola VPN APK version and PC version in the discussion below:

1. Tutorial on using Hola VPN APK Android

  • Download and install the Hola VPN app from the link above.
  • Then, open the Hola free VPN application.
  • Select the desired server. It is recommended to choose a Singapore server because it is close to Indonesia.
  • Wait until the connection is established.
  • You can access any site or application.

2. Tutorial on using Hola VPN APK Chrome

  • Open Chrome on your PC. It could also be another browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox.
  • Then visit the Chrome Webstore. Search for Hola VPN Extension or by clicking on the download link above.
  • Press the Add to Chrome button.
  • Click Add Extension again to confirm the addition
  • Wait until the adding process is complete.
  • If so, click the Hola VPN extension icon located in the Extension Bar.
  • Click the desired country.
  • Press the down arrow icon next to the flag icon to change the server location.
  • Please open the blocked site to check whether the VPN service is active or not.

3. Tutorial on using Hola VPN for Windows 10

  • Go to the Network menu located at the bottom right of the desktop taskbar menu. This menu is indicated by the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Then select the Network & Internet Settings option. Alternatively, this menu can be accessed by searching for it in the Search Bar column.
  • Next, select the Add a VPN Connection menu to specify the VPN service to use.
  • When a new window appears, enter the detailed information of Hola VPN. As additional information, here is the information that needs to be inputted:
  • VPN Provider: select Windows (built-in)
  • VPN Type: select Automatic
  • Type of sign-in info: specify username and password
  • Fill in the Connection Name and Server name or address fields with the data provided by Hola VPN APK.
  • The requested username and password can also be obtained from the VPN provider.
  • Click Save to save all changes. Then, close the window.

Finally, click the Network menu or the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar again. Then connect your internet connection with the VPN connection that was created earlier. Click Connect to continue. Done. To check if it works or not, please try opening a previously blocked site.

Types of Hola VPN

Hola is available in several versions. So as not to confuse one version with another, let’s identify the characteristics of each Hola VPN in the app market, namely:

Hello VPN Extension

The good news for PC users, is now you no longer need to bother installing paid VPN software to enjoy VPN features. Hola is available as a browser extension that can be downloaded for free.

Hola can be enjoyed to your heart’s content. Unlike some free VPN software that set bandwidth limits. That means you can surf the internet for hours. However, what you need to pay attention to is that other users can use your bandwidth.

If there are other users who use your bandwidth for actions. That do not comply with Hola’s rules, you may be blacklisted. How to install the Hola extension is quite easy, you just need to click on the link above to start the download.

Hola VPN Proxy Plus

This type of Hola VPN APK is specifically for HP users. So it can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Hola VPN Proxy Plus is made with a simple interface that is easy for anyone to navigate.

One of the excellent features of this application is the feature of choosing servers from foreign countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Singapore, Algeria, Angola, Albania, and many more country choices.

This application can be an option if you are looking for a quality and free VPN service. Just download it from the link above or in the official app market on your cellphone.

Hola VPN Premium

If you want to access all the features available in the Hola VPN application, you can switch to the premium version. Unfortunately, you need to spend a little capital on this. The attraction of this version is that it can be used by 10 users at once.

This feature is not available in other versions. Interestingly, this service is multi-platform, starting from devices based on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, routers, game consoles, and even Smart TVs.

It is highly recommended to use this version. The reason is, that your bandwidth connection will not be shared with other people. As a result, you can access applications or platforms that drain a lot of bandwidth, such as streaming or watching movies.

Hola VPN APK Features

Hola uses a peer-to-peer or P2P VPN service in its operations. Besides being able to be enjoyed it for free. Now you will also be spoiled with several other interesting features, some of which are:

  1. No download fee is required.
  2. Can access all blocked sites and applications.
  3. Easily change the country server in just a few steps.
  4. The number of country servers reaches more than 2 thousand servers.
  5. Available for mobile devices, PCs, Smart TVs, and consoles.
  6. Can be used as a browser extension on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
  7. Data security and privacy are guaranteed.
  8. Can be used to send an email.
  9. Supports smooth video streaming.
  10. Can be accessed by 10 devices at the same time.
  11. Supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Download Hola VPN APK All Version

As a first step to starting this review, you can directly download the free Hola VPN APK application below, please choose according to the device you are using.

Hola VPN Latest APK

  • Version: v1.184.151
  • Countries: Indonesian and 44 others
  • Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
  • Supports: Android 2.3 & Up
  • File Size: 20.0 MBs

Hola Free VPN Windows and Mac

  • Version: v1.192.643
  • Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
  • Supports OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Language: English
  • Free Download (Windows Chrome)-1221_ (1010.68 KBs)
  • Free Download (Mac)-2.45-1.1193.418_Mac .dmg (14.23 MBs)

Hola VPN APK iOS Premium

  • Latest Version: v1.183.974
  • Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
  • Minimum requirements iOS: 9.0 and above
  • Required: iOS
  • File Size: 7 MB
  • Paid Download

Hola VPN Proxy Plus MOD Pro Unlocked

  • File Size: 58 MB
  • Latest Version: v1.184.151
  • Developer: Hola VPN Ltd.
  • Required: Android OS
  • Free Download

Hola VPN Advantages and Disadvantages

As one of the best VPN applications, Hola VPN APK has a number of advantages that you can experience for yourself. However, as good as the application is, it is still not free from several weaknesses. Here is the full review:


1. Go to blocked sites

Most VPN service users use this service to access applications. Or sites that are blocked by certain countries.

Of course, there is a reason behind the blocking. So, if the one that gets blocked is an application or site that you use often. You don’t need to be sad anymore.

2. Able to disguise the IP address of the device’s origin

An IP address is a marker of the location of your device. Well, if your IP is “bare” just like that on the internet, it could be that someone else is not responsible for targeting you as a victim of a cyber attack.

One way to secure an IP address is to use a VPN. Later your IP address will be replaced with a random IP address in another country.

3. Surfing is safer

Given that your IP address is masked, the effect is that your activities on the internet are much more protected and secure than directly using the IP of the device. The problem is, that there are several viruses that can follow or track your activities while on the internet.

4. Support safe torrent download

Torrent files are generally used to compress large downloaded files. That way, the download process takes less time.

However, it is not uncommon for people to know that torrent sites can easily steal your personal information, such as country of origin information, IP address, and even where you live. If you use a VPN, these data can be more protected.

5. Kecepatan internet dapat meningkat

Secara umum, cara kerja VPN adalah dengan menghubungkan koneksi kamu langsung ke server tujuan. Itu artinya, koneksi kamu akan melewati provider jaringan di Indonesia, sehingga lebih cepat.

6. Gratis sepenuhnya

Hola VPN APK tidak mewajibkan penggunanya untuk membayar. Aplikasi ini memang bisa diunduh secara gratis, tetapi kamu juga bisa meng-upgrade ke versi premium agar pengalaman berselancar di internet lebih asyik.

7. Menghemat pengeluaran paket data

Bukan suatu hal yang baru lagi bahwa layanan VPN mampu menekan kuota internet. Pasalnya, biang masalah yang menyebabkan paket data boros adalah proses peralihan dari provider internet di Indonesia ke server tujuan. Sedangkan VPN langsung menghubungkan data kamu dengan server tujuan. Karena itulah pengeluaran kuota data lebih hemat.


1. Slower download time

This is a weakness that VPN service users cannot avoid. If you download while activating the VPN service, the download process will run slower. This is because the traffic from the ISP to the VPN or vice versa is quite far.

2. Data encryption is not optimal

It is important in choosing the VPN application that you will use. Based on the information obtained, Hola VPN APK is recognized. As less than optimal in encrypting your data.

So the data is not guaranteed to be 100 percent safe from hacker attacks. So you need to be more careful when using free VPN services.

3. Can hack banking or company data

Even after using a VPN service, hackers can still access vital banking or company information. Usually, this problem is triggered by network controls that are not paid attention to.

Although this rarely happens, it’s a good idea to always anticipate hacker attacks due to VPN services.

4. Risk of being blocked by certain services

Not all sites or apps allow their users to use a VPN. These sites are able to detect if you are using a VPN or not. Generally, the sites that prohibit the use of VPNs are video streaming sites.

Like Netflix does. This relates to contractual ties with film distributors regarding licenses for screening in certain countries.

So, when you try to activate a VPN, Netflix will block the IP address without any further consideration.

Hola VPN APK Is it Safe or Not?

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Hola VPN service, a question may arise in your mind. Is Hola VPN secure? This is often a controversy among users regarding privacy and security.

Some sources say that the following are some of the risks of the problem that sparked this controversy:

1. Collecting user’s personal data

Hola itself admits that it collects user personal data as stated in the privacy policy. Applaud because they have been honest. Because many applications or software secretly steal personal data and sell it.

On its official website, Hola clearly states that the user data taken include:

Log data

Includes web pages, length of time surfing on the page, browser type, and the date and time of access.

Personal information

Includes name, email address, IP address, username, billing information, payment, and other sensitive information.

Apps installed on the device

Yes, Hola knows all the applications installed on your cellphone in detail.

Social media account information

Includes social media accounts, account usernames, full names, birthdays, friend lists, personal characteristics, home addresses, email addresses, profile photos, and others.

2. Your internet connection can be accessed by other users easily

  1. As mentioned above, Hola VPN APK uses a peer-to-peer-based VPN service. For those who don’t understand, in short, other people can surf the internet with your connection.
  2. It looks trivial, but if the user does something that violates the law, you might be dragged along. Because P2P services make you look as if you are interfering.
  3. Based on the information above, it is your responsibility to decide whether to continue using the application or not.
  4. The presence of Hola VPN APK Mod as one of these multi-platform VPN applications brings convenience to some people. Plus, Hola is already integrated with popular browsers, so it can reach more people.

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