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Guitar Flash Mod Apk (v1.81) 2023-Latest Version Free Download For Android. If you are a music lover and like to play musical instruments then Guitar Flash Mod Apk will give you a virtual way to play guitar on your phone screen. Once you enter the game, you will find different notes for different songs.

All you have to do is pick the one you want to play. Right after that, you have to hold on to the note that you are playing right now. When you hold on to the pint, you will see various icons which you have to put your right hand on after the note passes.


Once you enter the game you will be asked to choose your level of play, if you are new you should move to an easier level. There will be 3 different levels of the game which are easy, medium and hard and you have to choose one according to your skill.

Easy mode

On a simple level note, you’ll be slowly playing your own game and it’ll be easier to catch them. Also, there is no chance of losing this note. You can easily capture notes.

Medium mode

At this level, it will be less difficult to hold notes than difficult, but it will be much more difficult than at the easy level. Once you think that you are good at catching motes in easy mode, you can definitely go for more practice in medium mode before avoiding difficulty.

Difficult mode

In this mode, you have to be professional. This mode will give you the hardest notes. Multiple notes will pass and you will have to hold them all at once. Also, at this level, the speed of play notes is very fast, and it is very difficult to catch these fast-moving notes.

Make music

In each mode, you have to make music to play the song, for example, if you have selected a song, the song will be played without guitar music. Different notes will be played to add guitar music and you will have to touch the notes that will add guitar sounds to the played music.

Leader board

If you don’t miss a note, it will increase your score on the leaderboard. If you score the most in the world, your name will be displayed on the leaderboard along with your score and the rest of the players will also appear in the list near the score. So if you want to score as much as possible on the leaderboard, get into a difficult mode but you will most likely lose notes which will eventually end up leaving your game.


There is no doubt that the graphics of these games give the impression of a real concert. There will be pictures of the crowd that will scream with excitement at the music being played. At the same time, with every touch of the note, you will see your rising scores, and grasping the most difficult notes will give you a trembling animation on the screen, which will surely catch you.

Unlock songs

If you want to unlock new songs, you can definitely do so by paying a few coins you earned to close new songs from the library.

Sign in

If you are playing Guitar Flash Mod Apk for the first time, this game will give you the option to connect to your Facebook account. So by doing so you will never lose your performance in the game and when you sign in with another device you will start the game at the place where you left it. If you do not want to link the game to your Facebook account, you can opt-out

and play as a guest. Playing as a guest will give you all the features you can find on the sign-in option.


The Guitar Flash mobile application is completely safe and secure for mobile devices, and will never ask for personal information other than if you connect it to your Facebook account.

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The Guitar Flash Mod app is without a doubt the best mobile application for learning and playing the guitar. This simulator will help you learn guitar skills.

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