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Free download English to Burmese Translator APK v21.11 is best not to know the Burmese language. It is very easy to help you translate translation from Burmese to English and also translate into Burmese. This app is good for tourists who want to visit Burma, Myanmar.  It is useful for app business centers, a student who is studying in Burma Myanmar. 

Apply from English to Burmese, Burmese English is a great translation app for all Android smartphones. This helps you translate the sentence into any language. You can translate the words that you face. Share text, status, or photo publications on social media with this app. The user can use this application as a dictionary. 

Totally Free App

The app is 100% free but you have to connect your device with an internet connection and freely use it. This app is very friendly, you can use the English and Burmese Translator app anywhere and at any time. It’s very easy to use; There is no problem solved for a new user. If you want to use this app on your Android device.

Click here to upload the English-Burmese translator app and install it on your phone, it’s ready to use, now you have this application. Can start and start using. For more information about this app. Please feel free to contact us or post a comment box at the end. Share this article with your friends and family, they are also using this app for translating English and English Burmese Translations.


1:- This helps you learn the app error.

2:- Help you learn new English words.

3:- Help translate content into English.

4:- With this app, you can translate English or other language websites, messages, and descriptions.

5:- Easy and direct translation, during travel, foreign conversation, and study.

6:- This app is very easy to write, write and bid English.

7:- With this application, you can translate the phrase from English.

8:- English and Burmese help you to read and speak.

9:- Easy and easy to use.

10:- Helps English and Burmese write meaningful words.

11:- This app helps you translate English to Myanmar.

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English_Burmese_Translator_V21.5_apkpure.com.apk/file”>Download English to Burmese Translator APK

New version v21.11 =====> Google Play Store

Old version v21.4 =====> Free Download

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April 27, 2024
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