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Divar APK

Divar APK Review:

Divar APK is one of the top leading applications for your smartphones. Join more than 35 million divar communities from Iran and these 35 million Iranians use this app to buy and sell a wide range of goods and services to different countries.

Divar APK is one of the fully secured fully trusted biggest platforms for e-commerce sites. Divar is a classified advertisement platform, especially in Iran country, In which a wide range of different items are available for selling and purchasing.

Top Features Of Divar APK

  • Free advertising for personal users.
  • Detail Ads description and images.
  • 180 different categories for all kinds of goods including services.
  • The application is also capable of promoting ads.
  • Easy chat features for buyer and seller communication.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Divar app is the most popular c2c platform in Iran.
  • Ability to search multiple cities of different countries.

Divar APK Categories Of Sell Or Purchase

  • Properties: Apartments, villas, offices, lands, stores, houses.
  • Vehicles: Branded new, Second hand, rental, and classic.
  • Digital Electronic Devices: tablets, laptops, PCs, games, cell phones, audio, and video.
  • Home Appliance: carpet, kitchen utensils, furniture, decoration products, and many more.
  • Services: Catering products, digital services, appliance, maintenance, and repair, finance, and accounting.
  • Personal stuff: shoes, bags, cosmetics, clothes, kids wear, stationery.
  • Entertainment: Tickets and tours, magazines, books, musical instruments, sports equipment.
  • Social Affair: volunteer activities, events.
  • Industry and Business: wholesales, machinery, equipment, employment, administrative, construction, IT, finance and accounts.


Devar APK has made it so easier and simpler to publish classified ads. There are a selection of applications that have completely replaced newspapers, In which an individual can different articles for selling and purchasing. Devar is the most interesting classified ad application specially designed for Arabic speakers. This is a super fast platform for publishing ads and queries about your purchase freely. In just a few seconds your Ads were published with images and details.

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June 9, 2024
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