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Bigo Live Mod Apk (v5.36.4) Latest  Version Free Download For Android. You can 100M + downloads, the Bigo Live Mod Apk is one of the most trending applications on the Google Play Store to date. In this mode, you will get completely unlocked features.

The popularity of this mobile application is its potential because you can do many things using this single application. Like you can video chat with your friends. You can go live, you can even start a live stream. And without further ado, you will have an open choice to make friends around the world. Every social media star doesn’t care which platform he uses to stay in touch with his followers. Must be live.

File information

  • File Name: Bigo live
  • File Size: 102 MBs
  • Latest Version: v5.23.3
  • Updated: 1 day ago
  • Presented By: BIGO Technology PTE. Limited
  • Published:

Below are some of the top features you can find on the Bug Live application.

  • Make Call
  • Current series
  • Go straight
  • filters
  • Discover people
  • Interest

Make Call

In addition to calling your friends, you can start video chats or even audio calls with anyone around the world. You can send a friend request to this person in your suggestions and also make a video call with him later. Plus, you can make video and audio calls with more than one person at a time. This feature is quite interesting and is still missing in some very trendy social media mobile applications. You can start one with your friends on a video call or go directly if you want to be accessed by multiple friends at once.

Live stream

Start live stream whenever you want. In addition, you can join the live streams shared by the popular celebrities mentioned above on each of Showbiz’s popular celebrities and using social media Bigo Live. So you can follow them and find their live stream. Whenever they release their live stream, you will see that you can also comment on their live stream and like it. You can ask them questions in real-time and see other followers’ comments in their live stream.

They will be watching your comments in their live stream and will respond to you and the rest of their followers in their live stream. Most live streams will not always be able to share their live video on their screen. For example, if you are a fan of any social media gamer, you can add his games directly to the series so that you can see all his performances in the game in his live stream. Many gamers usually stream live streams of their popular gameplay, such as Pubg, Fortnight, ROV, and more.


Bigo Live Mod Apk (v5.11.4) Latest 2021 For Android
Bigo Live Mod Apk (v5.11.4) Latest 2021 For Android
Bigo Live Mod Apk (v5.11.4) Latest 2021 For Android

Go straight

If you want to go live with your added friends, you can also start your own live stream. As there is no restriction on the initial live stream, every ordinary person can share his live stream and live like any other celebrity. Your friends will be watching your stream and posting comments on your shared stream.


It is also packed with Bigo Live Mod Apk filters. Apply beauty filters during video calls and live streaming. In addition, the application is freely available in more than 50 countries.

Discover people

You can only discover new people you are interested in with your Bugo account. Whenever you see people interested in your suggestions, you can add them directly from there.


Everything will be categorized into different sections so that you can easily find your interest by clicking on their category.


With all the versatile features mentioned, there is no doubt about the Bego Live Mod app in many other social media applications. The highest number of downloads shows how many people lie to others using just this app. If you want to download this modified version of the Bug Live app, here we provide you with the most authoritative link to start downloading directly from third-party

sources without interruption.

Version (v5.23.3) =====> Free Download

Latest Version (v5.19.4) =====> Free Download

New Version (5.11.4) =====> Free Download

Bigo Live Mod Apk =====> Free Download

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March 6, 2024
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