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AIDE– IDE Mod APK Review:

AIDE– IDE Mod APK (v3.2.210316) – Java, C++Premium Latest Version For Android. The AIDE APK Is an introjected use environment (IDE) for developing actual Automaton apps directly on your android devices. Survey reciprocal coding lessons and step-by-step metamorphose a good app developer. Visually program apps, indite inscribe with the picture prosperous editor with cipher closing, real-time fault checking, refactoring, and clever codification steering, and run your app with singular dawn.

The officer is an embedded developing surround (AIDE– IDE (v3.2.210316) for nonindustrial proper Humanoid apps direct on your Humanoid device. Select interactive coding lessons and step-by-step beautify an expert app developer. Visually plan apps, compose cipher with the picture gilded editor with inscribe play, real-time evil checking, refactoring, and fashionable codification sailing, and run your app with an individual utter.


Officer features mutual lessons with step-by-step instructions to discover Automaton app evolution and Potable planning skills. Study the lessons, prettify a good and touch on what you’ve learned in your own app projects.

An auxiliary instrument invokes your Robot tablet with a keyboard into a sincere development box. We use the Transformer Undercoat to codify with Help. Auxiliary faculty slip your Golem Sound into a slender usage machine to snack and speck your write on the go.

Auxiliary supports building apps with Java/XML and the Automaton SDK, apps with C/C++, and the Humanoid NDK as asymptomatic as processed Drink housing applications. The supporter is fully congruous with Interruption projects. 

You can fairly simulate the source code to your maneuver and ajar the Interruption throw in Help to act coding. Instead, you can stay your source code on your Dropbox. AIDE– IDE (v3.2.210316) integrates with Dropbox and allows you to easily download from your Dropbox and sync hindermost your changes. Officers can also unlawful Automaton Apartment projects. Which imitates the neglect folder structure. Officer also supports Git for paid use.

A short unofficial of features

Learn-to-code (in-app get):

  • Interactive lessons with step-by-step manual
  • Drink planning series
  • Golem evolution series

Edit-compile-run rhythm

  • Create a sample App with an only depression
  • Physique Java/XML apps
  • Anatomy C/C++ NDK apps
  • Form pristine Java table applications
  • Run your App with an exclusive clink
  • No delve access required
  • Incremental compilation for quick increase nowadays
  • Uses Interruption .classpath cast separate for compatibility
  • Ajar failure Automaton Flat projects
  • Mixed LogCat viewer

Real-time evil checking

Proper example misstatement analysis throughout the object task as you identify
Robotlike Quick-Fixes for any errors

UI system

Advertising XML layouts
Appear from the scene in the contriver to the XML environs


  • Rename
  • Inline uncertain
  • Inform changeably
  • Select method


  • Encrypt formatter
  • Organize imports
  • Out-comment code
  • Create setters/getters/constructors from comic

Inscribe direction

  • Goto definition
  • Chance usages
  • Goto symbolization
  • Goto people


  • Real firm application symmetric with capacious files
  • Cypher culmination for Drink and Android XML
  • Automaton online meliorate direct from the encipher
  • Structure lightness for Island and XML
  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Chomp zoom
  • Hurting change selection
  • Keyboard concur with configurable keybindings
  • UI optimized for dwarfish screens to demonstrate as untold code/content as gettable


  • Built-in line handler with the most general features: Rename, withdraw, create line or folder
  • Dropbox desegregation
  • Git desegregation with Commit/Discard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSH support.


Potable, planning, technologist, read to codification, exercise, developer, delete, editor, compiler, aggregation, software, code maneuver, Golem Apartment, Interruption, way, C, C++, native, XML, inscribe, coding, drudge, hacking.

What’s New



  • Several lessons
  • All Reward features are unlocked. no key line needful.
AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++ - screenshot thumbnail
AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++ - screenshot thumbnail
AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++ - screenshot thumbnail
AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++ - screenshot thumbnail

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April 6, 2024
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